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COVID-19 Update
During this difficult time, I wish to advise clients that I am still operating. However, in order to observe the present laws surrounding social distancing, I request that only one person attend my premises at any one time. Additionally, be aware that I am observing the recommendations for social distancing. Please do not be offended if I request that you maintain a safe distance.

Spare parts are becoming somewhat challenging to obtain right now, so some patience will be required.



Do It Yourself
Audax AP080G0
A very popular driver, suitable for full range operation.
Audax AP100Z0
A fabulous bass/mid driver, utilising Audax's very own High Density Aerogel cone material.
Audax TW010F1
A fabulous and very popular, cost-effective tweeter. Suitable for simple, 6dB/octave filters, this puppy is a doddle to implement in any design. For more details:
Audax TW010I1
An impressive tweeter. Titanium diaphragm. More details:
Audax TW025A14
One of the finest tweeters ever made. Titanium diaphragm. Vented pole piece. Copper clad aluminium wire and much more. More details:
Audax TW025A20
Fabulous tweeter. Flat, smooth response. Titanium diaphragm. More details:
20uF 100 Volt Polycarbonate cap.
These caps were manufactured to ME Sound's exacting specifications. They easily surpass the performance of almost any other plastic film cap on the market.
$26.00 each.
3uF 250 Volt polycarbonate cap.
A very good sounding, low cost cap. Ideal for high power crossovers.
$3.00 each.
Remote Angel learning remote.
A popular and easy to use learning remote control. Backlit. Will duplicate up to eight remote controls.
Solen 6.8mH Hepta-Litz™ wire inductor. Part number: L126.8
Inductance: 6.8mH
Resistance: 0.71 Ohms
38mm X 76mm X 152mm
$300.00/pair (two only available)
Silicone coated wire.
High temperature, high flexibility, very tough.
128 strand. Each strand 0.05 sq mm tinned copper
2mm overall diameter.
850 Volt AC rated.
1.5 Amps maximum current.
Red and black.
Min temperature: -100 degrees C
Max temperature: +150 degrees C
See attached photo. Note the soldering iron temperature.
090602014248_Sil_wire_2 090602014248_Sil_wire_1
Suitable for high temperature and other applications where high flexibility is required.
$3.00/1 Metre pair (red and black)
Also available:
1 Metre lengths (red and black) terminated in 4mm banana plugs (as below) one end and 2mm banana plugs.
Banana plugs
Red and black
Nickel plated brass, with stainless steel spring, providing constant pressure on banana socket.
10 Amp rated.
Solder connnection only.
$3.00/pair (red and black.