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COVID-19 Update
During this difficult time, I wish to advise clients that I am still operating. However, in order to observe the present laws surrounding social distancing, I request that only one person attend my premises at any one time. Additionally, be aware that I am observing the recommendations for social distancing. Please do not be offended if I request that you maintain a safe distance.

Spare parts are becoming somewhat challenging to obtain right now, so some patience will be required.




ME Sound products

ME Sound P/L ceased production in 2003. This was, of course, a disasterous event. ME is now back. Peter Stein is manufacturing ME850 power amps and Rage Audio is able to supply that model.
We expect to see new models rolling off the production line in the near future. We also expect to see upgrades for all existing models in the not-to-distant future.
Rage Audio can, of course, facilitate all factory upgrades, using factory supplied materials.
Rage Audio has a wide range of second hand ME products available. Please contact us for your requirements.